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(Video) Huawei Intelligent Security Protection Solution


As digitalization, informatization, and intelligence keep developing. Traditional security protection cannot meet the increasing market requirements.

(Video) PowerCube 1000 V300R007C30 Installation Video (Diesel-grid + Lithium Battery New Construction Scenario)

PowerCube 1000 3:11

(Video) PowerCube 1000 V300R007C20 Installation Video (RuralStar2.0)

PowerCube 1000 0:41

(Video) NetCol8000-A(045, 090) In-room Air Cooled Smart Cooling Product Parts Replacement Video

NetCol 0:53

(Video) FusionModule1000A Smart Cooling Product Replacement

FusionModule 0:32

(Video) Introduction to Intelligent Locks

SmartSite 3:05

(Video) SmartLi Installation Video

UPS 0:34

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  • The DPS Wring Helper makes wiring up a distributed power system easy by providing you with a wiring scheme based on your specific system configuration, including the ground, power cable, signal cabling.

  • The Inverter Mounting Bracket Assistant automatically provides product installation videos and illustrations based on the product type, series name, power level, and product model to facilitate installation.

  • The Modular Precision PDF Configuration allows you to simulate the configuration of modular precision PDFs and query the specifications of precision PDFs in different configurations.

  • The UPS5000 Cable Selection Helper can recommend cable specifications based on the UPS BOM number/model and module quantity.

  • The UPS Wiring Helper makes wiring up a UPS power system easy by providing you with a wiring scheme based on your specific system configuration providing your with self-service document generation.

  • The UPS Battery Rack Configuration Tool provides installation guidance and basic specifications such as the dimensions, weight, and bearing capacity of the UPS battery rack.

  • The UPS Battery Setting Simulator can simulate UPS battery parameter settings based on system configurations.

  • The Battery Cabinet Wring helper generates a wiring scheme based on the battery cabinet model, battery capacity, battery quantity, and cable specifications, and includes self-service document generation.

  • The Smart Module Layout Helper supports the simulation of the smart module layout in different configurations and generates layout documents.

  • The Smart Module Base Drawing Generator allows you to query and download the smart module base drawing based on the component model or part number.