Cloud Bearer DCI

In alignment with the cloud era trend toward DC-centric network construction, Huawei has launched the CloudBackbone cloud bearer DCI solution to build high-bandwidth, low-latency, and differentiated DCI intelligent backbone networks. The solution is designed to meet customer requirements for dynamic DCI and help them achieve business success.

Its main features are automated VPN service deployment, differentiated tunnel bearer for each tenant and each service, and intelligent traffic optimization.


Huawei's cloud bearer DCI solution uses industry-leading NetEngine series routers and NCE (Network Cloud Engine) as core components to build a DC-centric architecture for network infrastructure. This solution also introduces SDN to help customers build next-generation intelligent DCI backbone networks.

In this solution, NetEngine9000 core routers and NetEngine40E full-service routers reside at the bearer layer, and NCE is located at the controller layer. Firewalls, servers, and network management products are also integrated into the solution to build a converged intelligent backbone network for customers.

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