IP Universal Bearer Solution for Railways

IP Universal Bearer Solution for Railways

  • The IP universal bearer solution for railways allows one network to carry all production and office services of the railway system.The IP hard pipe technology ensures low delay and high reliability of key services such as signal and GSM-R services.
  • Built-in PCM subcards implement unified access through multiple types of low-speed interfaces.




Ensure Secure and Reliable Railway Transportation

  • The IP hard pipe technology provides SDH-like transmission experience for services such as signal and GSM-R services, ensuring smooth service migration to the IP network.
  • The multi-level reliability protection, Huawei-proprietary hardware BFD detection, and patented VPN FRR technologies effectively prevent network faults from causing emergency stop or speed reduction.

Reduce Network Construction Costs

  • One device has two strata, IP hard pipe stratum and soft pipe stratum. They meet various service bearer requirements, and unified network construction saves costs.
  • The built-in PCM subcards supported by this solution avoid the need of individual PCM devices, simplifying network management.

Improve the Deployment and O&M Efficiency

  • The U2000 and uTraffic provide flexible network-wide O&M and fast service provisioning capabilities.
  • Multiple OAM techniques (such as IP FPM, TWAMP, and RFC 2544) are supported to quickly locate faults and monitor service performances in real time, effectively reducing the OPEX.

Support Future-oriented Network Evolution

  • Large-capacity devices meet high-bandwidth bearer requirements of emerging services and provide ubiquitous bandwidth connections.
  • The 1588v2 technology provides nanosecond-level clock synchronization precision and is not restricted by the environment. This solution perfectly solves the problem of LTE clock synchronization. This solution effectively protects network construction investment and facilitates future LTE-R upgrade and evolution.

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