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Full-fiber network is the cornerstone for operators to carry out full-service operation in the future. More than 50 million FTTH ports are deployed worldwide every year. However, ODN construction faces challenges such as high initial investment, low efficiency, and difficult management, severely hindering the development of FTTH. Using pre-connection, AI image recognition and Optical Iris technologies, the Huawei DQ ODN solution helps operators quickly build high-quality, visualized, and manageable full-fiber infrastructure networks.

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Huawei Releases the QuickODN Solution

In the 2019 FTTH Conference, Huawei officially released the QuickODN solution for the 10G PON era. Featuring efficient planning, quick deployment, and digital operation and maintenance (O&M) capabilities, the solution helps operators build 10G PON infrastructure networks and pave the highways for transmitting multiple services, thereby realizing an upward business spiral for the fiber broadband industry.

Huawei Upgrades SingleFAN Pro Solution to Boost Gigabit Full-fiber Broadband Development

At the Huawei products and solutions launch event in London, Huawei announced it had upgraded the Huawei SingleFAN Pro solution. The solution provides a series of sub-solutions, including AirPON, BusinessPON, CurbPON, Digital QuickODN (DQ ODN), embedded AI (eAI) ONT, and Flex-PON (A-B-C-D-E-F), to help global operators deploy gigabit full-fiber access networks in various scenarios.

Huawei SingleFAN Pro Solution Named Best Fixed Access Solution at the Broadband World Forum

At the 2019 Broadband World Forum (BBWF) award ceremony, Huawei SingleFAN Pro solution was named the Best Fixed Access Solution in recognition of its E2E innovations supporting smooth upgrade from GPON to 10G PON, simplified ODN deployment, and optimized home Wi-Fi experience. This award is testament to the industry's recognition of Huawei's continuous innovation in the broadband access field as well as its persisting efforts in leading the gigabit full-fiber access industry.

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X Box series

The X Box series is a mechanically sealed pre-connection closure that terminates traditional optical cables as pre-connection optical cables. It is generally used for feeder section and supports MPO QuickConnection feeder cable.

SSC series

The SSC series is a mechanically sealed QuickConnect closure used at access points of the FTTx-ODN network.Digital management. Supporting AI image identification and fiber iris, which enables long-term ODN resource accuracy.

FDB series

The FDB series is an indoor floor distribution box which can be wall mounted in the shaft. It connects distribution cable and pre-terminated drop cables.

QuickConnect cable series

The QuickConnect distribution cable adopts a double locked anti-vibration design, achieving fast deployment, high network reliability, and durability.

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